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Redwall Fans and Roleplayers
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February 2010
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Sophie Cabra [userpic]

Hey all! Welcome to those of your new to the RedwallFurs LJ! It's good to have you. Tell your friends!

Anyways, so it's starting to come together that a few of us are planning some Redwall fursuits! How exciting, am I right? So! I know one of us has a badger in the works, and I'm aiming at a grizzly old Long Patrol colonel. Here he is here:

Name undecided, though. I'm thinking Buckthorn, Hawthorn, Burdock, Chives, Woodruff, Coriander which are all flowers/trees/herbs and mostly all native to the UK area. Any you guys like in particular. Also his coloring are a factor! Any ideas?

What are your character plans, if any?

Sophie Cabra [userpic]

I've been wondering what you people's favorite Redwall books are, and why. Me? Personally I am a huge fan of Mossflower. I think it was a good balance of the typical Redwall style, with enough different and flare to make it really stick with me. Besides, Tsarmina was HARD CORE. One of the creepiest villains in my opinion. Not the typical 'I want riches!!' villain, but had an agenda and a goal to kill her family and become queen. And, of course, Mossflower had Gnoff, the mouse thief. One of my favorite characters.

What about you guys? Any favorite books? Why?

Sophie Cabra [userpic]

Welcome to the Redwall Furs community!

This community is for everything from roleplay to general discussions about the Redwall books written by Brian Jacques. We don't have many rules here, but please be aware of the following:

1. All discussions/roleplay/general posts are to be PG-13. Please refrain from any and all adult themes. Vermin curse and swords cut, but please keep it at that!

2. Please keep ALL posts on topic. This is a Redwall community and all posts should at least be relevant to Redwall.

3. About advertising: If you are advertising a Redwall community or RPG group, you are welcome to do so, but please be advised that you are only allowed to advertise it once per month to avoid spam.

4. Practice proper internet etiquette. No harassing, flaming, or general hostile behavior. Considering the topic of our group, I doubt it will be an issue, but be warned even first time offenders are subject to being banned.

5. Feel free to tag your posts with whatever it pertains to. Whether that be role play, book titles (Mossflower, Outcast. ect) or characters.

So, please feel free to introduce yourself, post about your Redwall experiences/interests. Welcome!

So, go on and post introductions, how you got into Redwall, and other tidbits! :D

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